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Basic Animation in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you learn some pretty basic techniques, but at the same time very cool. - fabio sasso

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Trendy wedding photo album animation and presentation

Submitted by Toxiclab.org » Using detailed, thoroughly explained lesson, you will see how to create very trendy and modern photo album about wedding.

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Sleek Pencil Icon Design

Submitted by Design Blurb » We'll be learning how to design a very cool, sleek and simple pencil design using Adobe Illustrator! This is a great tutorial for beginners, but will require some general knowledge of tools, etc.

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Transparent bodies

Submitted by mistermonty » Learn how to make your body transparent.

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Lace Brush Set

Photoshop Brush


Horizontal Dividers Brush

Photoshop Brush


Flame Trailer in Flash

Creating eye-catching effects in Flash might not be an easy task. Well, unless you know some tricks!

For example, only the most skilled Flash developers can create impressive effects with Actionscript alone. Why not then combine your traditional animation skills (by "traditional" I mean "not Actionscripted") with just some basic AS code?

This tutorial is an example of this tactic. In order to create a "buring cursor effect", or a "flame trailer" if you will, like the one you can see below, we are first going to create a short animation within a Movieclip, and then do the magic out of this by writing a few lines of code.